Get Adequate Rest

img_1992-cropDealing with employees requires  infinite patience. I’ve worked hard to train each of them to dispense treats and pettings at specified hours. However, if you’ve ever dealt with humans, you know sometimes they are slow learners.

For instance, when Nathan comes into the office in the mornings, I’ve got him up to par on dispensing treats immediately (even before he goes to his desk!). This took years of practice for him. I’m proud of him, though. He’s probably my greatest accomplishment. Trust me, he’s come a long way with little to go on.

Cindy, on the other hand, has been a challenge. I’ve worked with her and worked with her and she is still inconsistent. One morning, despite my persistent reminders, she’ll walk right by the treats without dispensing any. The next morning, she’ll go to the refrigerator, to her desk, talk to the other humans, and then finally dispense treats. Other mornings, she won’t dispense any at all until my notifications are noted by another office human and they remind her to dispense. She’s going to take more work and possibly negative reinforcement. I’m considering a hairball reminder for her. Sometimes you have to be tough. I won’t like it any more than she will.

As you can see, training humans is hard work. It requires long nights of planning, and long days of effort. Be sure to get plenty of rest. I recommend between 21 and 23 hours per day. If you get below 20 hours, your performance will suffer and, therefore, so will your results.

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