Employee Management

terrence-biteWhen dealing with employees, sometimes purring just won’t work! There are occasional humans who just don’t provide treaters at the right times of the day. Or maybe they don’t appreciate your copywriting skills. Or maybe they’re just dense. Whatever the case, those types of people may need some reminding of their purpose at the company.

In the case of this human, I was forced to “remind” her that it was Petting Time. She was attempting to do something humans call “work”. We cats have long abandoned such trivialities and have tried to train humans to do the same. I mean, if this human had adhered to the provided schedule for Petting Time, she’d have received the reward of some of my hair on her shirt, desk, computer monitor, floor, in her water or maybe even her eyes. Instead, she chose to “work” and look what happened.

Humans, this is not hard. We cats give pretty obvious reminders regarding the schedule you are to be on. We’d prefer it didn’t get ugly.


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