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About Terrence Sparkles

A cat among cats.
Terrence thinks his name is "That is a big cat".

Terrence had a long journey to us. One of our clients wanted a cat but was not able to get one. So she had us get one for her. Enter Terrence Sparkles.

Terrence apparently wandered into a campground and the campers took him to a local vet. There he was known as "Jimmy Choo".

That name did not work for us.

Terrence is the nicest cat anyone has ever known. He is always up for pettings, treaters, attack games, and sniffing or climbing inside the purses of visitors.

  • Purring Skills

    Loudness, duration, resonance

  • Going Bonkers Skills

    Occasional bouts with insanity

  • Friendliness Skills

    Being lovey and available

  • Destruction Skills

    Couches, pens and pencils,
    phones, keepsakes

The Terrence team

It's hard for a cat to find good help anymore.
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Terrence sparkles

The Boss Cat
Terrence ensures work gets done and each of his minions shares his hair on their clothing. He also works to train officemates to properly dispense treats.
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Neal Linnartz

The Operations/Lawyer Human
Neal has loved cats since he was a youngster. So he was easy prey for Terrence. Nowadays, he serves Terrence by keeping his website compliant and his interests solvent.
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Nathan Manlove

The Marketing Human
Since he lives in Nathan’s office, Terrence lovingly deposits hair throughout the abode. He also helps with copywriting and making sure the desk is washed by spilling water on it often.

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